UrbanBuilt is proud to be a local builder for Teddington, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham

We provide construction, maintenance, conversion and extension services to private and commercial clients throughout London, Surrey and Middlesex
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Hello, and welcome to UrbanBuilt!

We are based in Teddington and are proud to serve our local customers, as well as extend our services throughout London, Surrey and Middlesex.
With over 60 years of experience in the build shared between the management team members we are here to help turn your dream projects into reality quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring highest levels of safety and quality every step throughout the process.
We believe that every project is unique and personal to our clients and that makes every project unique and personal for us too. And that is why at Urbanbuilt we handpick a team for each project from a core of our permanent in-house tradesmen and a network of tried and tested subcontractors.
Our team members have a proven track record of successfully completed projects which include private residential dwellings, commercial, leisure and educational facilities. Whatever it is – a loft conversion, a single or multi-storey extension or total renovation involving stripping the house back to its shell – we can help.
Over the years we have developed a network of construction professionals: structural engineers, surveyors, architects, tradesmen, suppliers and other building specialists. Such network allows Urbanbuilt, as well as and our partners and colleagues, to rely on each other’s expertise and experience and provides us with a degree of flexibility enabling to undertake projects of various sizes and complexity and run multiple projects at a time whilst keeping a lid on overheads and therefore reducing cost to our clients.
What we do

Building and construction services

Looking for a builder? Get UrbanBuilt on board to help with your building construction project: extension, renovation, conversion, house remodeling.

Loft conversions

Urbanbuilt is happy to help with a loft project of any complexity. Hip to gable, rear, side or front dormers, a juliet balcony, a roof terrace, additional bedroom(s) with/without en-suite, a study, a playroom – we love creating additional space to your home. Our team is happy to install Velux windows or roof lights, made-to-measure furniture elements, eves storage solutions – whatever you plan for an extra space is – our experienced team can help to turn it into reality.


Recent legislation changes made property purchase more expensive. As a result – more and more people opting to have their homes extended rather than dealing with all the hassle and expense of moving. If you are looking for a builder to for your domestic extension – we can help. Whatever your extension plans are: rear, side or wrap-around; single or multi-storey – UrbanBuilt professionals will help you increase precious living space.


Waste no time if there is a garage or a shed an outbuilding, or indeed a wrongly configured room gathering dust at a side of your property whilst there is a requirement for an extra space for study, works, living or play. We will be delighted to convert any unused rooms or outbuildings into stylish and efficient thriving family or working space for you.

Refurbishments and remodelling

UrbanBuilt is proud to share its expertise and knowledge deep into the fabric of building. We love giving houses the look homes deserve. If your project is advanced enough and involves stripping a building to a bear brick shell and have all the interior re-designed/re-modelled; or if there are a couple of walls in a way of open-plan living – call us without hesitation.

Commercial refurbishments

UrbanBuilt offers commercial refurbishment and fit-out to our commercial clients. Our experience includes projects in schools, places of worship, caffes and shops. Our connections with local workshops, able to manufacture made-to-measure units and elements along with our expertise of delivery the most elegant designs details is at your disposal.


UrbanBuilt is happy to assist with maintaining commercial or residential properties for landlords, tenants or managing agents. Whether there is a recurrent decorative refreshment or any other type of improvement that is required – we would be proud to conduct such works using our knowledge and expertise.
Whatever your project is – new-built, renovation, extension, structural repairs or alterations, or even a day-to-day maintenance – UrbanBuilt can help.
Taking into account average age of properties and current trend for open-plan living, almost every renovating project involves structural works. We are proud to have a number of structural engineering contractors as our partner companies and utilise their expertise in complex structural remodellings and repairs.
If you are a private landlord, or property investor or developer looking for a team to help with your building project – get in touch and we would be happy to help.
If your project is only a concept – UrbanBuilt can offer a complete package with our partners architects and surveyors to guide you through preparation and planning process. If your life is busy enough, Urbanbuilt would be happy to assume management of your project from conception eliminating a hassle of dealing with multiple parties involved: structural engineers, party wall and building surveyors and architects etc.
Our experience and expertise are at your side throughout the process to help you navigate around any potential hurdles.
There can be multiple factors or limitations that influence a project: time, budget, planning – you name it. Here at UrbanBuilt we use our expertise to help identifying these factors as early as possible and ensure that client’s vision and priorities are not compromised.
If you have already advanced past this point and your drawings are completed and approved we would be happy to work with your existing plans and the professionals you may have onboard already.
Rest assured, whichever way works best for you, there is one thing you can be certain of: your project is in the safe hands with UrbanBuilt. Looking for a builder? Contact us.

Our Latest Work

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Recent legislation changes made property purchase more expensive. As a result – more and more people opting to have their homes renovated and extended rather than dealing with
all the hassle and expense of moving. If you are looking for a builder to for your domestic extension, renovation of total refurbishment – we can help.
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